Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween 2008, Or CANDY, CANDY CANDY!

So to sum up Halloween I will quote Will. "When is Halloween again? Is it tomorrow?" This was asked on Saturday, November 1st, right after he woke up.

To say that Halloween was a success would be putting it mildly. On Thursday we went to Ursuline's Halloween Carnival. We had such a great time. And I feel SO old! Anna came and brought Camden for a little mommy/oldest child bonding time. The Will and Camden shared a cupcake - actually just icing and got LOTS of candy from the girls.

On Friday we went trick-o-treating in my parents neighborhood. I thought Will would want to maybe go to a handful of houses, get tired and want to go home. Unfortunately not so much.

We started off slow. He was a little afraid to talk, say thank you... All the things we had been practicing for months. Suddenly he had a light bulb moment and the running started. Yes I did say RUNNING! Will RAN from house to house, screaming "trick-o-treat" before he was on the porch. He would shove his little hand in the bowl or basket (if around), grab as much as he could hold, and take off with a "THANK YOU" tossed over his shoulder.

And of course Kate couldn't get enough of her favorite person's antics. On a normal day Will running around is enough to evoke peals of laughter from her. But on Halloween, with Will in his Super Why costume it was almost too much. She stood for most of her stroller ride, clapping her hands and screeching what has to be Will's name in baby talk.

When we finally talked Will into going home - which was very hard to do - he wanted to canvas the entire neighborhood, we headed home. Will ran into the family room and dumped his candy out on the floor. We cuddled up on the floor, watched "Its the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" and ate candy till out teeth hurt.

We are already counting the days until next Halloween!