Thursday, May 7, 2009


Does anyone else ever guilty? I feel guilty about spending 5 extra minutes at school so I have time to myself. I feel guilty about not keeping the house as clean as I should. I feel guilty that I bought all of the kids clothes at the used kids store instead of the mall (all name brands...).

As women are we programed to feel guilty all of the time? Is there a way to stop the insanity? I have been trying very hard to let go, but its not easy. If anyone else is struggling please know that you aren't alone. I am slowly fluttering - for those of you wondering what I am talking about check out I am so inspired but still so bogged down with my guilt.

Friday, May 1, 2009

No Sleep

Kate didn't go to sleep until after 11:15 last night. Not sure why, but she was WIDE awake! I tried rocking her, singing to her, stroking her hair. Finally I tried giving her some milk, in the pitch dark and she became very sleepy. I laid her in bed and she finally closed her eyes.

It is so hard to tell when they are little what is preventing them from sleeping, or eating, or anything for that matter. She has becoming increasingly frustrated with not being able to speak like her big brother. She stomps her foot, points her little fingers and screams until she gets what she wants.

I keep looking at her wondering where my baby has gone. She is starting to lose her baby fat and it seems as though she grew taller overnight. Although I am tired today, I wouldn't trade her not sleeping for anything. Its those nights that I get to hold onto my baby for a little longer.