Monday, May 26, 2008

Lazy Summer Days

This past week has been very busy but very fun.

On Wednesday we had play class and the zoo with the Pease girls [and Bill]. We saw the Orangutans up close and personal (literally 3 feet away)!

Thursday we went to the bouncy house in Loveland. Will literally didn't stop moving the entire time we were there.

By far Friday morning was the best. Kate slept in (after getting up at 6) and Will and I had a lazy morning of hanging out in bed watching tv - perfect thing to do when it is a grey, yucky day.

Saturday we went swimming and then Will got to have a sleepover at grandma and grandpa's while I went out with friends. Even better Aunt Emmy came in to town and Uncle Nick came up to entertain the troops.

Speaking of which we went to dinner at Valley Vineyard located in Morrow Ohio. Dinner was very nice. It was good to see everyone but I had to go home too early (due to my little suckerfish). The food was good. My steak was cooked perfect (thanks to the awesome grilling skills of Donnie who acted as a fill-in husband). My favorite part was dessert - yummy pie!

Sunday we spent the day at my parents house. Will played outside all day. We got the croquet set out and I soundly beat Nick to his disdain.

This morning we went to the Blue Ash parade and had a great time! Will got a huge bag of candy :)

Summer is the best!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Busy Days

We have had such a busy couple of days. Yesterday Will had play class in the morning. After class we met a friend and her 2 kids and we all went to the museum for a while.

We had a blast but can I tangent for a moment? Nothing makes me more insane than school trips where the chaperon's do nothing to control the kids they are with. This happened at the zoo on Tuesday and the museum on Wednesday. Kids literally running around out of control... UGH!

Today [Thursday] went to a "bouncy house." Oh my goodness what fun! Will was literally soaking in sweat from running around. I thought he might be scared at first so I followed him into the big maze. Um, he was up the wall and going down the huge slide before I had even reached the top of the slide (2 stories I might add - I was scared).

After the bouncy house we went to lunch and then came home for a long nap :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Georgie Georgie!!!

If we all think back to when we were children I am sure that we will remember that one person or thing that was a rock-star in our lives. For me it was Cinderella. When I was 12 my family went to Disney and I got to meet her, in person.

Now imagine you are 2 1/2 and the person you love more than anything is Curious George (yes the monkey). Now imagine that your mommy tells you that you get to meet Curious George, live in person.

The Zoo is having a celebration all month to welcome all of the new babies [at the zoo]. This past weekend Curious George and Miss Lori (from PBS morning show) were there to meet and greet the kids.

The look on Will's face when he saw his hero was the best ever. Today all he kept saying was "Mommy, Georgie Georgie and Miss Lori at the zoo. Will hug and kiss Georgie Georgie." Literally the whole day.

But that's OK because he got to meet his heroes and that's enough for me.

Miss Lori rocks in person!


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Two Months

It has been over two months since I have updated my blog. Life has gotten very crazy. Two kids is so wonderful yet so busy. I will look at the clock in amazement sometimes because the day has passed and I don't feel that I have accomplished anything worthwhile.

I had a wonderful mother's day weekend. Chris bought me flowers and even planted some in a pot! He and Will gave me two of the sweetest cards... In the morning my in-laws came over for brunch, and in the afternoon we went to my parents for dinner with the family.

Will is becoming such a little man. So funny and serious at times yet at other times the terrible twos show the ugly side and man is it ugly!

Sorry this post is so disjointed - I have so many thoughts swirling around in my head, most importantly that bed is calling...


Katherine Elizabeth was born on February 28, 2008 at 1:22 in the afternoon. She just missed out on having a birthday once every 4 years. She is a doll and a great baby. Here are a few pictures from the past 2 months...

7lb, 5oz; 20.5 inches long

First Bath

Baptism @ 2 months

Mothers Day 2008